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George H. Newcomb, President

Yippie-Yi-O-Ay Pardners!! Welcome also, to all you folks who "aren't from around these parts" in the galaxy. The space cowboy adventure continues. This web site is currently under re-construction. It's going to take a little while, so bear with me and don't be confused if you see stange things in the sales list. I'm working as fast as I can. Meanwhile, watch my plyrocktoy auction on ebay for lots of cool stuff (selling cheap these days). OK. back to the introduction...which is already in progress........ I started the Plymouth Rock Toy Co. in 1987 to better pursue my passion of buying and selling antique and collectible toys. My interest in antiques and collectibles goes back to the1970s. While attending graduate school for Museum Studies in California in the mid-70s, I used to shop tag sales and flea markets in the greater San Francisco Bay area, looking for all sorts of antiques and collectibles. I would find Art Deco, toy robots, pop culture items and a variety of neat stuff . I would then transport my finds back to Massachusetts each Summer, where I worked as a costumed 17th century Pilgrim in an outdoor living history museum (really! I used to shoot a musket, speak in funny voices and everything!).

I would sell my West Coast goodies at flea markets and antique shows in New England to make a few extra farthings (Olde English for a few cents). I soon discovered that what was popular on the East Coast could be found on the West Coast for a reasonable price and that the reverse was also true (a light bulb came on in my head at this point and a business was born). In the 1980s I met Jim Schleyer at a toy show in CT. He got me hooked on toy guns. His passion for and knowledge of the hobby is infectous. His superb book, "Backyard Buckaroos" is the gun collectors bible. Dealing in toy guns led me to editing the gun section of "Toys & Prices" by Krause Pub. for a few years and contributing to a number of books and articles.

Today, Plymouth Rock Toy Co. enjoys a long-standing reputation in the antique and collectible toy world as purveyors of quality and hard-to-find toys. For many years I have bought and sold large numbers of toy cap guns, space ray guns, classic Baby-Boomer toys, collectible model kits, character watches and a vast array of other neat stuff. Quality items, honestly presented have built Plymouth Rock's reputation. I have always tried to deliver accurately described items in a timely manner. Returns and problems can best be avoided by being honest about condition and supplying as much information as possible to the buyer (that's why my descriptions might seem a bit long-winded). We are here to service the needs of the collector.

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What I Collect

Plymouth, Mass. Souvenirs
I lived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, site of one of the earliest English colonies in the New World (1620) for over 50 years and, even though I now live in Boston, I still collect Plymouth souvenirs. Much of the popular cultural myth about these early settlers was the creation of later generations, and not historically accurate. I enjoy collecting all sorts of souvenirs, postcards, advertising, toys and anything else that features America's Home Town (Plymouth).

ELDON Plastic Toys

I'm always interested in finding Eldon polyethylene (soft plastic) toys, especially ships, planes, trucks and other vehicles.

Kenner Girder and
Panel Construction Sets

These are great plastic construction sets from the late 1950s and early-mid 1960s.

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